First Post August 14 2013

Dionea Orcini weaves the stories of ancient mysteries, secrets and magic potions into magnificent objects of art.  She expresses her visionary quest by designing jewelry that transcends the concept of the precious ornament into an esoteric experience.  Drawing upon an old-world jewelry tradition, she envisions pieces of jewelry that a fierce goddess or a queen could wear.

Dionea is a seer and a dream-catcher that is inexorably drawn to the unknown.

The extraordinary design sensibility seen in the jewelry collections is a result of Dionea’s rich, personal knowledge and multilayered artistic background as an accomplished artist and designer.  Orcini has a degree in Fashion Design, has studied art at Accademia di Belle Arti in Bologna, later continued with Stage and Costume Design at the Art University of DAMU in Prague, and lastly Interior Architecture at UCLA in Los Angeles.

She learned the Art of Jewelry Making at MJS School in Miami, where she was trained under the expert eye of Marc Thurn, a Master Jeweler from Germany. Consequently, she studied gemmology at GIA in New York and did a course on ancient Vedic Gemmology in Jaipur, India.

Dionea walks on the grounds of converging artistic and spiritual meridians; her life is a perpetual intersection of different, cultural influences and philosophies.

Originating in Italy, she has spread her wings and lived around the world following her quest as a true seeker and cosmopolitan nomad.  Miami-based, she lives between Los Angeles, Italy, Hong Kong, India, Brazil – or wherever her journey takes her…